Growing up, you were the master of tumbang preso, the undisputed champion of piko and the defending winner of patintero. Today, you still play to win, but you also play for good old-fashioned fun—something Havaianas knows all about.


Like the name literally implies, Havaianas PlayBack is a way of giving old-school, street-game players the chance to play the games that made them champs and then pass the torch to the next generation.


These games have been entertaining kids long before video games, the Internet or digital media players were invented—and are addictive as they are simple.

But here’s where it gets competitively fun: you will be given a chance to pit your skills against fellow veterans in tumbang preso, piko, patintero, sipa, sungka, Chinese garter and lakad lata, and introduce it to a new generation of street-gamers as well. Plus, a stop at the Prize Station means you get to bring home a slew of Havaianas premium items. There’s no better way to play retro street-games with style and relive the irreplaceable memories of traditional Filipino fun.


In relation to this, Havainas brings back the classics with the introduction of the Havaianas Original—a contemporary collection of the iconic style that started it all in 1962. Havaianas updates the traditional look with vibrant colors to go in contrast with the Havaianas brand logo on the straps but stays true to the casual ease and comfort that the brand is famous for.


So whether you’re in it to win it, or just want to relive your old-school, street game glory, come together with your family and friends for some down-home Filipino fun as the world’s most famous flip-flops brand hosts Playback—a Filipino street games festival.

Havaianas is available in All Flip-Flops, Aloha Boardsports, Celio, FiveForty Surfshop, Gas, J&S Surfshop, Moana, Nail Spa, Rustan’s, ROX, Sepatu, Souk, Stoked, The Zone, Kidsports, and Orange Juice. For provincial outlets, visit www.havaianasphilippines.com.



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