Chef Gene Gonzalez’ Culinary Gems from Old Pampanga

Chef Gene Gonzalez1

It was Chef Gene Gonzalez’ turn at The Maya Kitchen Culinary Elite Series when he presented recipes near and dear to him. Chef Gene prepared Adobo del Diablo (Capampangan Adobo) with a deep bronze produced by constant simmering and de-glazing of the pan with stock when a crust is formed; Menudo Sulipeña (Oxtail Stew), slow simmered dish of oxtail, ham and Chorizo Bilbao with a dash of brandy. Pato al Caparas Pato Al Caparas

Menudo Sulipéna

Menudo Sulipeña

He also cooked Pato Al Caparas (Duck with Capers), a braised duck dish with ham, liver and capers. He made two desserts: Pasta Juan-chewy and buttery coconut bars; and Princess Cake, layers of freshly baked butter cake iced with buttercream with peach and strawberry puree and a ‘secret’ dose of Cointreau and coffee.

Pasta Juan Pasta Juan

Princess Cake2Princess Cake

Chef Gene, one of the country’s culinary powerhouses, is also TV personality and author of numerous cookbooks. He owns Café Ysabel, and runs Buenisimo with his son Chef Gino. He is the founder and chef instructor of the culinary school Center for Asian Culinary Studies. Here is one of the recipes he so generously shared.

Adobo del Diablo

Capampangan Adobo/Adobo del Diablo

The Capampangan Adobo is a deep bronze and is produced by constant simmering and deglazing of the pan with stock when a crust is formed. This tasty caramelized stock is brought back to the meat to give the deep reddish brown hue.


1 ½ cups pork, cut into 1” cubes
1 ½ cups chicken, cut in 3” pieces
½ cup chicken heart
½ cup beef liver, cut into ¼” cubes
½ cup pork kidney, cut into 1” cubes
½ chicken giblets, cleaned
¼ cup chicken blood, cut into 1” cubes
½ cup vinegar
2 tablespoons corn oil
1/2 tablespoon cracked pepper
2 tablespoons garlic
¾ tablespoons salt
6 tablespoons fish sauce
3 tablespoons pork lard
2 cups chicken stock

1) Sauté garlic in corn oil until slightly brown. Add pork cubes, chicken, chicken heart, beef liver, pork kidney, beef liver, chicken giblets and chicken blood.
2) Add vinegar, pepper then fish sauce.
3) Take-out chicken giblets and heart, beef liver and chicken blood. Continue braising. When brown crust forms and meat turn brown douse with a little stock and de-glaze. Return brown colored liquid to the meat and continue until crust forms again. Repeat de-glazing with stock about 3 our times.
4) Add all variety meats when chicken and pork are tender and sauce turns brown. When stock is added.
5) Simmer for 15 minutes or until dry then separate meats.
6) De-glaze pan with stock. Serve the sauce on the side and meats separately.

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