Chef Seiji and His Japanese Dishes With A Twist

Chef Seiji Kamura 1

It’s always a delight to watch Chef Seiji Kamura as he works the kitchen. The Japanese chef once again amazed with his new take on Japanese dishes at his recent cooking demo for The Maya Kitchen Elite Culinary Series. He showed the audience how to do several Japanese dishes with a few twists. That day he prepared Salmon Tataki-quick seared, rare fillet of salmon; Seiro Mushi-steamed pork or beef sirloin and vegetables; Bulalo Ramen-beef shank and marrow bone stew with Japanese ramen noodles; Mochi Pizza- a roll made of mozzarella, bacon and basil and, Sake Manjyu-buns made with Japanese rice wine with bean paste filling.

You’ll find some of the recipes below from his delightful presentation.

First is Salmon Tataki.

Salmon Tataki

Salmon Tataki (Pan-seared Salmon)

300 grams salmon, boneless and skinless
30 ml olive oil
½ tablespoon salt

Wasabi Sauce:
2 tablespoons wasabi powder, dissolved in little amount of water
30 ml soy sauce
20 ml mirin
30 grams black pepper

1 piece Japanese cucumber
80 grams carrots
romaine lettuce

1. Plate seasoned salmon and brown the skin all over using a blow torch.
2. Soak whole salmon in cold water for a few minutes, strain and pat dry.
3. Slice salmon and serve with wasabi sauce (to make the sauce, simply mix together all ingredients for wasabi sauce).
4. Garnish salmon with sliced cucumber, carrots and lettuce.

Up next is Mochi Pizza. It isn’t your typical pizza because it uses lumpia wrapper and is rolled, very much like your usual spring roll.

Mochi Pizza
Mochi Pizza
Mozzarella, Bacon and Basil Spring Roll

4 pieces lumpia wrapper
160 grams mozzarella, sliced into cubes
160 grams bacon, blanched and sliced
4 pieces basil leaves, thinly sliced
MAYA Cornstarch for coating
oil for frying

Mochi Sauce:

olive oil
200 grams whole tomatoes, mashed
60 grams white onions
salt and pepper to taste

1. Lay lumpia wrapper on a plate.
2. Wrap a small portion of mozzarella and bacon in lumpia wrapper.
3. Roll tightly and coat with MAYA Cornstarch then deep fry.
4. Serve with mochi sauce (To make mochi sauce: pan sauté all ingredients then blenderize).

There are more recipes from Chef Seiji to follow. I’ll be posting them soon in upcoming posts.For more information about Chef Seiji’s demo, head over to or e-mail for more details.