“Shades of Green” at Chef Jessie Rockwell Club


It is a group of people from all walks of life bound together by the love of food, the fun of banter and the passion for art.

This January, the Green Monday group will have its exhibit at Chef Jessie Rockwell Club at the Ground Level, Amorsolo Square, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati.
Entitled “Shades of Green,” this is the second group exhibit of lawyers Leah Consulta, and Miriam Daway, celebrity cake designer Penk Ching, interior designer Tess Fenix, homemakers Marigene Garcia and Corinne Salazar, Fine Arts student Daniel Ratilla, businesswoman Margie Sy, food technologist Imelda Tan and art mentors Peter Ng and Roland Santos. Of the group, it is masters Ng and Santos along with Cesar Cheng who guide the novice artists through their new found creative paths.

The exhibit features human form, portraiture, animals, flowers and abstract mostly in watercolor.

There is a serene pond of lotus by Marigene Garcia; a majestic lioness by Daniel Ratilla; a Tiboli mother and daughter in resplendent native garbs by Corinne Salazar; a ballerina in mid pose by Penk Ching; an intent cellist by Peter Ng; the profile of a little girl by Leah Consulta; flowers by Tess Fenix; a mythical creature by Margie Sy; a profusion of blooms by Imelda Tan; an inspirational prayer by Miriam Daway; and a vivid abstract by Roland Santos. The exhibit showcases a combined 75 artworks.

For more information, call Chef Jessie Rockwell Club at 890-7630 and 450-2996.


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