Chef Seiji Kamura’s Ramen Plus

Japanese Master Chef Seiji Kamura chopped and sliced, simmered and boiled as he shared tips and secrets on how to cook various ramen at The Maya Kitchen recently. Miso Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, Hiyashi Chuka and Yakisoba were all presented with that special touch that only a Japanese cuisine expert can lend. Here are the recipes for everything Chef Kamura prepared, courtesy of The Maya Kitchen.

Chef Seiji Kamura

Ramen Soup Base

1.5 kilo pork bone (leg part) cut up
1.5 kilo rib bones cut up
½ kilo chicken bones, cleaned
150 grams ginger, sliced
2 pieces onion
3 pieces onion leeks
1 piece carrot
50 grams kombu, simmered
5000ml water

Boil all bones and throw away the water. Replace with 5000 ml water. Add the rest of ingredients. Cook at a rolling boil and remove scum. Adjust fire to simmer and continue cooking for about 1 hour.


Hiyashi Chuka 

Hiyashi Chuka

1 kilo ham (slice lengthwise)
tied up and boil for 1 hour (strain)
transfer to shoyo base and boil for 30 mins.

Hiyahi chuka Dressing
100ml. soy sauce
100ml. vinegar
35g sugar
50ml. sesame oil
4 pieces garlic heads, pressed

Press garlic and add all the ingredients and marinate for 1 hour. Strain and use as dressing. Serve with Hiyashi Ramen Noodle

140g noodle
1 piece Japanese cucumber, sliced into strips
60 grams chacu
1 piece crab stick
egg (crepe egg)
10 grams wakome
Hiyashi chuka dressing

Boil noodles for 3 minutes. Transfer to ice-cold water then drain. Plate noodle, garnish with cucumber, egg, chachu, crab stick and wakome. Just before serving, drizzle hiyashi chuka dressing.


Miso Ramen

Miso Ramen

1 tablespoon oil
40 grams ground pork
120 grams ramen noodle
40 grams ground pork
50 grams baguio pechay
20 grams carrots, shredded
30 grams onion, sliced
20 grams leeks, sliced
80 grams togue
½ tablespoon sesame oil
Miso base (recipe follows)

Put oil in pan and stir fry ground pork. Add the rest of ingredients and sesame oil just before serving. Pour 200ml soup stock in a bowl and 2 tablespoons miso base. Mix and serve.

Miso Base

150 grams garlic
200 grams onion
90 grams ginger
150 grams carrots
150 ml. sake
50 ml. soy sauce
75 ml. mirin
20 grams tobandyan spice
30 grams ichiban powder
30 grams sugar
90 ml. sesame oil
800 grams akardashi miso (black)
1000 grams miso (white)
20 grams hondashi

Blend together 7 ingredients. Transfer into sauce pan. Add the rest of the remaining ingredients. Boil once. Use as base for miso ramen soup.

Shoyu Ramen

Shoyu Ramen

120 grams noodles
50 ml. shoyu paste
200 ml. ramen soup stock
1 piece nori sheet
1 piece naruto (fish cake) sliced into ring
1 egg boiled
2 slices chasho
20 grams onion leeks, thinly sliced
20 grams menma (bamboo shoot)

Shoyu Base
360 ml. sake
30 grams kombu
40 grams dry shitake
100ml. mirin
300ml. water
50 grams ginger, sliced
50 grams garlic, minced
50 grams ichiban powder
800ml soy sauce

Boil together shoyu base ingredients for 15 minutes. Strain and use as base for shoyu ramen.

Boil noodles for 3 minutes. Add shoyu paste and soup stock. Put the soup first in ramen bowl. Add drained noodles, top with chasho, naruto (fish cake), menma (bamboo shoot), nori and ½ boiled egg.





2 tablespoons oil
80 grams pork, thinly sliced
20 grams onion sliced
30 grams carrots, strips
60 grams cabbage, sliced into 2”
20 grams shimeji mushroom
1 piece dry shitake, pre cooked, slice thinly
60 grams mongo sprout, washed and cleaned
3 tablespoons soy sauce
dash of michi for spice powder
2 tablespoons salt/pepper to taste
2 tablespoons sesame oil
30 grams naruto
120 grams ramen noodles

Heat oil in pan. Add pork, onion, carrots, cabbage, shitake, shimeji, togue, and half cook then put noodle season with sauce, salt and pepper to taste, sesame oil and sake. Half cook then serve.

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