April 20 is Macaron Day!

Bizu celebrates macaron day.

Take heart macaron lovers, Bizu Patisserie celebrates Macaron Day on April 20 by giving a free macaron to every patron. Visit Bizu branches at Greenbelt 2 Parkside (757-2498), Greenhills Promenade (724-2498), Alabang Town Center (809-2498), St. Luke’s BGC (789-7700) and One Rockwell (478-7755) to get your free macaron. Now on its second year running, Bizu’s Macaron Day offers free macaron in especially designed packaging that signifies a personality trait. There is a macaron perfect for everyone.

First held in 2005, Jour du Macaron was started by French patisserier Pierre Hermé as a gourmand event in support of charities. For its part, Bizu will donate a portion of its macaron sales for the day to Action Contre la Faim (ACF), A French humanitarian NGO.

Macaron is a French cookie that is crisp on the outside with a soft crème ganache and ground almonds in the middle. It is said to have originated in Italy in the 1500s then found its way to France. What was just a simple recipe of ground almonds, egg whites and sugar with no filling and flavoring was then transformed in early 1900s by French chef Pierre Desfontaines of Parisian pastry shop and café Ladurée into the macaron we know today, two cookies with a ganache filling.

Bizu introduced the macaron to the Filipino palate way back in 2001. Bizu Groupe founder and CEO Anabel Tanco recalls that very few people know about macarons then, often confusing them with the sweet coconut covered macaroons. Bizu now has 13 macaron varieties all with less sugar and more almonds. Bizu requests people to share their photos and videos doing the Bizu Macaron Kiss on Twitter or Facebook. Check out www.bizupatisserie.com, www.facebook.com/ilovebizu, Twitter and Instagram: @Bizuph#bizumacaronday.

Bizu has chosen Action Contre la Faim (ACF) to be its beneficiary for its 2013 Macaron Day celebration. It is a global humanitarian organization that fights hunger, from its most extreme manifestation of severe acute malnutrition to its causes—inadequate maternal and child care and feeding practices, poor household access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food, clean water and quality health services, and unhealthy environment. ACF intervenes directly in over 40 countries and supports more than 6 million people. Since 2000, ACF has provided humanitarian and development assistance to less empowered and more vulnerable populations in various regions of the Philippines, including populations affected and displaced by armed conflict and natural disasters such as Typhoons Ondoy, Sendong and Pablo.


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