A few months back, I was invited to attend an event for the reintroduction of a popular sports accessories, Phiten. Famous among athletes and sports enthusiasts, Phiten is an Japanese brand of aquametal-infused wearable technology in form of various accessories and apparel.

Phiten was founded in 1982 by its president, Yoshihiro Hirata, an alternative medicine practitioner. Sports, Entertainment and Events Management, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Phiten in the country. General Manager Ronaldo Colmenar talked about what Phiten is, and how the technology restores, if not maintains the optimum balance of the body. Phiten, they say, together with a healthy diet and good exercise and sports programs like biking and running, can also help fight chronic stress brought about by a busy lifestyle.


Mr. Colmenar adds that “Phiten is not a craze or trend. It is a lifestyle brand that promotes health, style and comfort for people-on-the-go and sports enthusiasts who want to be in their best state always.”

At the press conference, Phiten demonstrated the products’ benefits for balanced energy flow and blood circulation. Phiten also introduced Coach Jim Saret, an international sports training consultant who gave tips on how to start and maintain an active lifestyle while sustaining a fit mind and body. Coach Jim got everyone to do some exercises done in four minutes aimed to make you burn fat all day.


I must admit I came to this launch not knowing anything about Phiten. While my views about the products remain as they were (neutral), I walked away with a better understanding of what they are and where the company was coming from.

To learn more about Phiten and its products, log on to or visit any Phiten shop kiosk and consigned stores nationwide.


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