Why I Love Greenwich

Why do I love Greenwich Pizzas? Let me show you.


5 Star Bacon Burger Melt Overload

I love Greenwich because they make delicious pizzas. Be it thin or thick crust, it’s bound to be good. I first fell in love with their Hawaiian pizza. For years that’s what I always ordered. In later years, Greenwich has been churning out different flavors, the most recent are the Overloaded Pizzas. These I totally love! Why? Because it is overloaded with toppings!


Angus Maximus

I love the Angus Maximus and the 5-Star Bacon Burger Melt Overload! If truth be told, I’m more in love with the 5 Star Bacon Burger Melt Overload than the Angus Maximus. Why? Because anything with bacon on it is love to me. It’s that simple really.


Shrimp and Garlic Overload

Then they came out with the Shrimp and Garlic Overload and Hungarian Sausage and Bacon Overload. Aside from bacon, what I love on my pizza is shrimp and garlic, and the The Shrimp and Garlic Overload doesn’t fail with all of it’s shrimp and garlic toppings.


Hungarian Sausage and Bacon Overload

Not to be outdone ofcourse is the Hungarian Sausage and Bacon Overload. It is great because it brings my favorite bacon with my favorite sausage in the world!


Shrimp Ala Oglio

My most recent discovery in their menu is the Shrimp Ala Oglio. Green fettucini with olive oil, garlic, parmesan and cheese. Greenwich has some good pasta, but this by far is the best to me.

So why do I love Greenwich? Because of all the awesome food. It’s as simple as that.



  1. Nakakagutom naman yan haha. Looks very appetizing though. I haven’t eaten in Greenwich for a while now.

  2. Great photos! Nakakagutom 🙂 I would like to love Greenwich din sana but the quality of their food is inconsistent 🙁 we frequented one branch (and ordered the same pizza) to avail of the e-heads boxed set kaso lang pizza would always turn out a little different each time… and not in a good way.

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