Baking Cupcakes with New Gen Baker Nikko Buendia at The Maya Kitchen


I got to attend a cupcake baking and decorating demo at the Maya Kitchen a couple of weeks back. It was conducted by one of Maya’s New Gen Bakers, Nikko Buendia. She showed us how to make cupcakes, as well as giving insightful tips and tricks from choosing ingredients to product costing. She also demonstrated how to make different kinds of icings and chocolate decorations to decorate the cupcakes.

After the demo was over, we participants were given the chance to try out what we learned. We were given cupcakes, plus an assortment of icings and decorations, as well as different colors of melted chocolates, to make our own cupcake masterpieces. Here’s what I made:


I decided to go simple with my design so I opted to ice my chocolate cupcakes with a huge swirl with a hint of pink. To achieve this, I painted a line of pink food coloring on one side of the inside of the piping bag that I used before putting in the icing. When I piped that out, the result was a swirl with a very light blush. I then sprinkled some pink confetti on top.


I iced my last cupcake with pink icing, and added a zigzag of melted white chocolate on top. To finish it of, I sprinkled mini chocolate chips and pink candy confetti on top.

I really had a lot of fun! Actually, everyone who attended did. I love to bake and I love decorating cakes, so it was such a treat for me to be able to participate in an activity like this. If you’d like to try it yourself, the Maya Kitchen offers short courses on baking. Check out their website for schedules.



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