Twist, Lick, and Get Dunked!


My online buddies Shabby, Kat and I were at the launch of the Oreo Twist, Lick, and Get Dunked Held recently at the SM Megamall. Parents and kids alike all lined up to get their chance become a human Oreo and get “dunked” onto the Oreo Velcro wall. This fun activity was thought up by the people from OREO to celebrate their latest product: the OREO Snack Packs.

Apart from being a human OREO, friends and families also shared exciting moments as they try all fun-filled activities found at OREO Get Dunked! Kids and OREO fans jazze up their faces and cheeks with cool shapes and colors with the artists of Face Painting; while parents and their children tested their teamwork by working together to search for OREO-related words at the Find a Word game. They also showcased their dexterity as they aimed for cookie targets of the Sticky Darts game to win snack packs.

Here are some photos from this fun event:





We wanted to try the Velcro Wall ourselves but there was such a long line that we decided to pass.

If you fancy being a human OREO cookie, or want to try out the other fun activities we had, OREO Get Dunked! will be at Market! Market! Activity Center on September 26, 2010; and Festival Mall on October 3, 2010. Get your FREE PASS to OREO Get Dunked if you pass Level 10 of the Twist, Lick, Dunk GAME at


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