Ultimate Pinoy coffee Celebrates Philippine Independence Day



BLEND 45 raises a steaming coffee cup to toast to every Filipino in celebration of the historic Philippine Independence Day. In honor of this occasion, the Kapeng Pinoy na Pinoy joins the nation’s annual flag-raising commemoration to be held in the Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite where the Philippine Flag was first waved.

BLEND 45 is a trailblazing Pinoy coffee brand that has been truly committed to upholding the country’s legacy and tradition for decades. For 45 years, it has witnessed how this country transformed and honed its history and culture into a rich, colorful heritage. The first locally manufactured coffee in the country, tracing its roots to the 1960s when it first entered the coffee industry, BLEND 45 was embraced by Pinoys and it, too, became a tradition passed from one coffee-loving generation to the next.

BLEND 45 was there celebrating the high points of Philippine history for the past 45 years. It was there when Pinoy talents conquered Broadway; when beautiful Filipinas made huge waves in the international beauty pageant scenes; and now, when the country is cheering for international Pinoy celebrities in the fields of sports and music. Moreover, BLEND 45 has also stood proud together with every Pinoy as the rest of the globe fell in-love with the country’s breath-taking sights, warm and fun-loving people, and captivating culture and traditions.

Up to now, the mild and relaxing taste of BLEND 45 continues to delight Pinoy palates in different situations–from waking up to wondrous mornings with the family to having a nice long conversation with friends. Indeed, this proud-to-be Pinoy coffee remains to be an enduring source of comfort and relaxation for Pinoys. Moreover, it promises to keep warming the hearts of everyone through the comfort of a steaming coffee cup. Join the rest of the nation in celebrating a Pinoy pride-filled Independence Day by enjoying the truly Pinoy coffee BLEND 45, available in all leading sari-sari stores, groceries and supermarkets nationwide.


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