Instacool Relief with Solmux Chewtab


Trinoma witnessed the unveiling of the newest and coolest cough relief in town – Solmux Chewtab! Last December 4, 2009, over a hundred mall-goers danced to instacool songs as they opened a giant box to reveal the latest innovation from Solmux. The event was even more festive as snow fell on those who passed by the area. Truly, it was an instacool experience similar to the relief given by Solmux Chewtab!

The new Solmux Chewtab is the first chewable cough remedy available in the market. It is specifically designed for people on the go. Unlike other cough products, it provides instacool relief that you can immediately feel. It has a citrus flavor with a cool menthol twist. Being chewable makes it handy and convenient; you don’t need to take water! And since it’s from the no. 1 cough brand Solmux, you know it really works for cough with phlegm. Choose to get relief now with Solmux Chewtab.

Carbocisteine is the generic name of Solmux. Available in all leading drugstores. As is the norm, always consult your doctor before taking any medication.



  1. wow!this is really good for people on the go.I can take this even without water!

  2. gud am!ask ko lang po my aspirin content po ba i2ng solmux chewtab?tyvm

  3. @capricorn- Nginunguya sya.

    Regarding the intake, I think that’s a question that is best answered by your doctor. As for the aspirin content of the product, I honestly have no idea. May I suggest heading to the nearest pharmacy and ask to see the product’s literature?

  4. ilang beses po i take ang solmux carbocisteine capsule?

  5. Hi Santi! I think it’s best if you consult your doctor regarding the intake. Thanks for stopping by!

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