Summer Komikon 2009 at UP


I’ve always wanted to go to a comic convention- comic con as it is popularly known- when I was a kid collecting X-men comic books. I used to read about comic cons a lot in Wizard Magazine and in the pages of comic books, and have often wished to be able to attend one locally. Unfortunately, during that time, the comic con was just that–a wish. While comic books and comic book shops abound, no one organized a comic convention.  It wasn’t until recently that a comic convention has been organized in the Manila. So imagine my excitement as I went to my very first comic con- the Summer Komikon @ UP 2009!

The all day event was held at the UP Bahay ng Alumni last Saturday-May 16th, and was attended by a lot of people.  There were comic collectors, comic book artists, tv crews and cosplayers all going around the packed venue. Yes the place was packed!


Initially, I planned to go there really early. I wanted to be at the venue at 10 AM- the time the comicon opened- to avoid the crowd that turned up in the afternoon. But since I woke up really late, I eneded up going around 2:30 in the afternoon. I arrived at the venue shortly after 3 PM.


There was an entrance fee of Php 50 pesos to pay before you are allowed entry into the venue. Once you pay, you get a stub and a stamp on your arm.

The first thing that greeted me as I rounded the corner was the sea of people. There were that many people in the venue! People were huddling over tables of comic books, going around, and lining up to booths with their favorite comic artists.

There were booths of local comic artists who currently work for Marvel, DC and other international comci book companies. Sighted were Gerry Alangulian, Gilbert Monsanto and William Tortosa.  Pol Medina of Pugad Baboy fame was also present signing books for fans, and so was Manix Abrera.

I’ve seen other artists but I didn’t get their names. There were also indie comic book artists selling their works at the comic con. A group of artists did sketches of con goers for free. In return, all they asked for was a donation of any amount.


There were also booths that sold merchandise like shirts, cosplay costumes and accesories, even hats!


Cosplayers and guest performers kept the public entertained.  One of the biggest hit that day was this performer:


I kid you not. The video elicited cheers and applause from the crowd!



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