Going Back To The Enchanted Kingdom


It’s been a while since I last went to the Enchanted Kingdom. It probably was about 10 years ago, I think. So I jumped at the chance of returning to the Kingdom when I was invited along with some friends.


It has gotten bigger since I last went. They’ve put in new rides and other fun stuff to do like the go kart track, the horror house and the new 4-D theater. I love the new 4-D theater! It’s just like Rialto but way better. The movie The movie featured is Disney’s Journey To The Center Of The Earth. It is 3 dimensional so you need to put on 3D glasses; and what makes it 4 dimensional is the “experience” you’ll get when you watch it. Trust me, it is quite surprising and exciting.


I truly had a nice time at the Enchanted Kingdom. Spending the entire day with friends and going on the rides was such a lot of fun–and quite a relief from city life. I know that I’m definitely coming back.

Check out www.enchantedkingdom.com.ph for more information.


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