Free Comic Book Day Manila 2009 Report


Comic Odyssey’s celebration of Free Comic Book Day May 2nd was a success! Droves of comic book fans and collectors turned up and joined the celebration of this world wide event.


The store started giving out the free comics at exactly 12 noon, at which time a line outside has already formed. The line was long enough that it even reached the newly opened Saizen store down the hall!

The front of the store was packed with people who surrounded the tables set -up for the guest artists who posed, signed autographs, and did sketches.


Each guest was allowed to choose 3 comics of their choice from the selection of free comics they had laid out. Those who wanted to get in-line to get the free comics was given a stub that had a number on it. This stub had to be presented at the store entrance before you are allowed to go in. This stub also served as a raffle ticket.


At every half-hour, the organizers randomly drew stub numbers and gave out comic books and trade paperbacks as prizes. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring home any special prize, but I did bring home these free comics:


It truly was an exciting experience for me. Thank you Comic Odyssey for bringing this to Manila. I can’t wait for the next one! Which by the way, isn’t too far from now, since in two weeks time fully booked will be holding it’s Free Comic Book Day celebration!



  1. wow that’s a lot of people! i wanted to go too but i couldn’t. hopefully, Fully Booked’s would be as good, or *wish* even better. 😀

  2. yeah there was a big turn out. i think they ran out of some titles at around past 3 pm. When I came back in to buy something, i only noticed about 3- 4 titles on the table.

    i’m hoping the turn-out for for fully book would be just as good. the good thing about fully booked is that all their outlets are participating, so it would have a much broader reach.

    thanks for stopping by, yoof-san! =)

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