happy birthday


Yes, it’s that time of the year again. I am another year older.

Last night, I celebrated my birthday by having a special home-cooked dinner with my family and very close friends. And since it was my day, mom did most of the cooking, while I spent most of the afternoon at the mall. =) I didn’t enjoy it that much though because the crowd was just too crazy! the mall was jam-packed with shoppers.

The menu–For tonight’s dinner party, my mom prepared chicken pastel, a baked chicken casserole with cream, chorizo, veggies and mushrooms topped with a pastry crust; roast pork with barbecue sauce and mango glaze; and some good ol’ spaghetti! Butbutbut!!! Even though she cooked most of the dishes, I still managed to put in a contribution— garlic toast to go with the spaghetti! =) (Gimme a break. It’s my birthday anyway XD) we washed it down with bottles of soda and red wine. For dessert, we had a triple delight cake, cupcakes and some ice cream (double dutch and strawberry sundae) that Hazel brought.

Over all, even though there were very few guests, we still had a fun evening.

So that’s it. Another year, another number. As they say “A bit older and wiser”.

I certainly hope so.



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