taste asia party @ SM hypermart

where there’s food, i follow! braving rain and traffic <(not really! we took the mrt) , my friend nina and i took the long commute to the taste asia blogger’s party @ the sm mall of asia.
hosted by the sm hypermart, the party was a huge success, with attendees ranging from the virgin (ehem) to the seasoned bloggers. drinks were overflowing and the food was abundant! the bloggers were treated to cocktails and finger food before feasting on a spread of delicious baked mussels with cheese and garlic, ebi tempura, pork barbecue, peppered pork and chicken pandan! i had to taste everything ofcourse lol. but my most fave for the night hands down was the baked mussels and the chicken pandan coming in at a close second.

there’s lots to do beside eat. there was a cliquebooth photo booth in the corner of the room where the bloggers lined up and posed and posed like they’re supermodels on a cover shoot. and the camwhore that i am, i didn’t let that photo op pass! hehehehehehe. there was also a spot near the stage where computers were set up for live blogging. and the organizers had the bloggers busy for the most part of the event by having them gather the most number of signtures they can get.
the person with the most number of signatures won a dvd player! also part of the program was the awarding of prizes to the winners of the blogging contest by sm hypermart. prizes given away were dvd players, digital cameras and a trip to kuala lumpur for the grand prize! sadly, i didn’t win one of the major prizes because i didn’t know about the contest (because i live under a rock deep inside a very large cave) but i did bring home a gift pack of colgate palmolive and 2 other gift packs of toiletries and accessories. yehey for me!

i met some fellow bloggers like karlo.pinoyblogero, eric,
mistervader marcelle
( who even taught me a trick) and was working his magic to groups althroughout the room, the husband and wife tandem of chris and apples haravata, and jehzeel laurente to name a few. also at the event were anton , jayvee fernandez, ivan, and tj cafuir who i didn’t see.

it was an awesome night and fun was had by all. the sm hypermart management made sure that the bloggers had a blast. i can’t wait for the next one. thank you to sm hypermart and all the sponsors for making it happen. and thanks to aileen for the invites!

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  1. @ Prudence
    no prob! hope to meet you soon too!


    maybe…. we prolly just don’t bump into each other because its such a big dark cave lol

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